About Us


For many parents the decision to send a child to summer camp is based on the confidence you have in the people leading the camp.   At Coqui Camp, your family will benefit from the vast knowledge and experience in the leadership of Nicolas De Jesus and his life companion Diomar Torres.

Sr.  Nicolas is an experienced teacher who enjoys all the expressions of art and is passionate about educating and sharing his knowledge with younger generations.  For more than seven years he has dedicated himself to work with children and their families and has fostered many friendships.  His enthusiasm is contagious enough to create an environment where everyone who walks through the doors of his classroom will instantly feel part of the Coqui Camp family. “It is about partnering with passionate educators, we work together with experienced teachers that respect the growing individuals we serve.  Together we plant the seeds and make the summer a fun adventure!”

Mrs. DeJesus is also an educator and has over 18 years of experience in management and shares the same artistic and creative passions as her lifetime companion, Mr. DeJesus.  Together with their two teen aged kids, they welcome you on this adventure!


“I have a set of five year old boy/girl twins who have gone to Coqui Camp for the last two years and they have loved every minute of it!  With having both a son and a daughter is sometimes hard to balance what would be the best place for each of them to have an ideal experience, but they both equally loved Coqui Camp.  They anxiously anticipated going every single day for all the fun and creative activities, trips and fun times with their friends. I would definitely recommend Coqui Camp for any parent who wants their children to have a fun, safe and educational experience over the summer! ”